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Helping children since 1867

From 1867 until 1979, the German Protestant Orphan Asylum provided care for orphans and neglected children through the State Street Children’s Home, located in uptown New Orleans. The initial concerns that we addressed were those of children who were orphaned from epidemics, or whose mothers were widowed during the Civil or World Wars. The State Street Children’s Home provided the children with a place to live, food, educational opportunities and vocational training. Times changed, however, and in 1979 the children’s home was closed and funds from the sale of the property were invested to create a grantmaking foundation, The GPOA Foundation. Our mission now is to support programs that serve children in Louisiana.


The State Street Children’s home's records are located at:


The Historic New Orleans Collection

533 Royal Street

New Orleans, LA 70130

Phone: 504-523-4662

Fax: 504-598-7108




Slade Simons



Camille Jones Strachan






Mason Couvillon

Past President

Charles B. Mayer


Gary Briggs


Shelina Davis

Barbara C. Macphee

Jane Sumner

Gordon R. Wadge

Pamela Watson


Roy Williams

Rachel Swan

Adelaide Downham

Jillian Edwards

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